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Free Delivery over £40

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Since launching Filigree Heart back in September as a start up business, I have come to realise how important local support is for the business. My local community of Birstall have been very supportive towards Filigree Heart, and many prefer to buy from businesses in the village to help boost the local economy. On a personal note, I am much more aware of who I buy from, and how my purchase may help someone else’s business. However big or small that purchase might be….

This same philosophy is relevant for the suppliers I buy from too. It is great to know that we still have a number of great businesses producing fantastic, high quality products here in the UK. I would just like to highlight a couple of them, and the great products that they produce right here in Britain.

The first supplier I would like to tell you about is Lily-Flame. Many of you may not know the brand, but you will recognise the products. Gorgeous scented candles in metal tins, with fun and quirky packaging designs. Some of the favourites being Fairy Dust, Blush and Daisy Dip, and they smell amazing!!
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If you’ve not tried any of these Lily-Flame candles its worth checking them out here…. They make great gifts too!

Lily-Flame have been producing candles in Britain since 1994. Lily-Flame was started by owner Jo Nicholls, who made candles in her kitchen and sold them on market stalls around the UK. She was lucky enough to be sponsored by The Prince’s Trust, and was selected to be one of 21 “Prince’s Trust Champions”.

With the help of The Prince’s Trust, production moved to a cowshed in deepest Somerset, where they are still manufactured today. For each Lily-Flame candle purchased at Filigree Heart, you are supporting British business.

The next supplier I would like to highlight is Voyage. Many of you will know the name for making high quality designer fabrics. For those of you that don’t know the name, you will start to recognise their designs. Distinctive, beautifully hand painted country scenes, and floral designs. They seem to capture the character and humour in the animals they paint too. These hand painted designs are then printed onto cushions, footstools, and wall art under the brand Voyage Maison.
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Since launching the brand Voyage Maison, many of these accessory products are manufactured right here in Britain.

Once the designs have been painted by UK artists in their design studio in Glasgow, the designs are then taken and printed onto high quality Scottish linen fabrics, combined with British produced wools, and stitched into the beautiful cushions, or footstools you see on sale at Filigree Heart. Each cushion is filled with a deep filled feather pad, finishing off this luxury, British made product. Take a look at the designs available at Filigree Heart here.

So the next time you make a purchase, take a second to think about where it has come from….

Who has produced it? Am I helping support local or British businesses?

There are still some great manufacturers in Britain, so next time you purchase something that is “Made in Britain”, be proud that you are supporting British business.