Free Delivery over £40

Free Delivery over £40

House Sign Curved - 3D Collection



These stylish house signs can be customised to your perfect design. Each sign is curved top and bottom, double layered with a 3mm coloured acrylic back plate and a floating 4mm clear front plate. Your 3D numbers are mirror acrylic mounted on black foam giving a modern 3D finish with matching weatherproof vinyl decoration for the road name. Road names will be in plain Hallam style as standard but can be changed to Sibson style on request. Numbers of 3 or more digits will be reduced in size to fit. Longer road names will be reduced in size to fit.

Metal separation fixings secure the front and back plates. Wall fixings are included.

Orders are all hand decorated.

Please leave your house number and street details in the order notes. Lead-time before shipping on all orders is approx 2 – 3weeks.