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Free Delivery over £40

Valentine’s Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, have you started to think about the perfect Valentine’s gift? Many people believe that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial day, and that we should show our love all year round. I’m inclined to agree, but there is no harm in getting a little something special for the one you love. You’d be hard pushed to find a person that doesn’t break into a smile when they are handed an unexpected present….

So for those of you that are looking for a gift, and are really not sure where to start, I have pulled together a few suggestions, and this doesn’t have to break the bank. Remember it’s about the thought of finding the gift, not the value of the gift you give.

Valentine’s Gift under £10
1. Hanging messages…. A simple way to show your feelings. Try a porcelain heart for £5.99, or a cute colourful metal word plaque for just £3.99. There are plenty more to choose from here. Hanging Decoration
2. Message coasters are an easy gift and can be a fun present. This “Just add Beer” coaster is just £4.99.
3. A lovely scented candle can be a great gift too, and why not offer to run a bath, and let them relax away, with the soothing smell of the candle. Try one of the many scented candles here. Scented Candles
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Valentine’s Gift under £20
If you’re looking to spend a little more on your Valentine, then try one of these…
1. You can’t really go wrong by buying a bag for your Girlfriend or Wife. Try these stylish clutch bags at just £14.99. The Girly Goodies Clutch Bag in nude pink is a real favourite!
2. Jewellery is often gratefully received so try a message bangle, with a loving notecard. Each bracelet comes wrapped in a pretty white gift box, with a classic white ribbon. My favourite would be the infinity bracelet at £12.99, but there are plenty more to choose from here. Jewellery
3. A cute piece of wall art makes a great gift. Try the new Prosecco Picture in grey at £19.99, or choose an alternative of your choice here. Wall Art
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Valentine’s Gift Over £40
If you are looking to spend a little more still, here are a few ideas…
1. For something a little more personal, try a Hearts Cut Paper Frame Large. Each item is handmade here in the UK, making each one unique. A gorgeous gift at £79.99.
2. Carnival Lights are a big trend at the moment, and look great hung on the wall, or resting on a shelf or sideboard. Try the Carnival Heart Light at £49.99, or why not buy both of your initials with an & sign at £29.99 each here. Carnival Lights
Larger letters are also available to order at £49.99 each.
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Whatever your budget there is plenty of choice at Filigree Heart, and lots more to see here. Valentine’s Day Gifts

And don’t forget your cards too….

Buying gifts for people you love should be an enjoyable experience, so hopefully this guide will make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible….

Happy Shopping!