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10 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Special Woman In Your Life


Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the special woman in your life who has been there for you through thick and thin. It’s a time to show your appreciation for all the love, support, and care she has given you over the years. If you’re looking for thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas, Filigree Heart has got you covered! Here are ten gift ideas that are sure to make your Mum feel loved and appreciated.

Joma Jewellery: What better way to show your love for your Mum than with a piece of stylish jewellery? Filigree Heart offers a range of jewellery options, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings but can highly recommend the special Joma Jewellery Mother’s Day bracelets with the cute message cards. Take a look here.

Joma Jewellery Mothers Day Bracelet

Scented Candles: Give your Mum the gift of relaxation with a scented candle. Filigree Heart has a variety of scents to choose from, including White Gardenia, Fresh Linen and White Orchid and Soft Cotton. These candles are hand-poured soy wax, ensuring a high-quality fragrance that will fill your Mum’s home with a lovely scent. Why not try the World’s Greatest Mum Candle from our Lily-Flame collection. View the full candle collection at Filigree Heart here.

Handbags: Treat your Mum to one of the gorgeous Katie Loxton or Boutique collection handbags. Choose from a crossbody bag, stylish tote bag or Kensington Weekend bag for a perfect gift.Katie Loxton Signature Weekend Bag

Personalised Make Up Bag: If your Mum loves her make up or needs a new make up bag for her next holiday or trip away, a personalised make up bag is a great gift option. Filigree Heart has a range of make up bags that can be customised with your Mum’s name or initials.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts: If your Mum loves getting outdoors or just being cosy on the sofa at home, one of the exclusively designed hoodies make great alternative Mother’s Day gift ideas. Choose from the wide range of colours and styles or request a customised design.rainbow hoodie mauve

Scarves: A stylish fashion scarf can make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day. Choose from the range of Katie Loxton scarves which are made from a super soft fabric and come with a white Katie Loxton gift bag.

China Mugs: If your Mum loves her morning coffee or tea, a personalised coffee or tea mug is a great gift option. Filigree Heart offers a range of coffee mugs and some that can be customised with your Mum’s name. There is also a collection of watercolour style animal design bone china mugs which are very popular as presents for special occasions. View the full mug collection here.Best Mum Mug

Shopping List Pads: If your Mum is the organiser of the family she’s sure to appreciate one of the organiser pads in the Rosie Made A Thing collection. Whether it’s a Big Shopping Pad, the Weekly Food Planner or the large Weekly Getting Stuff Done Pad, there is something there for the organised Mum.

Personalised Glasses: If your Mum loves a glass of wine, a drop of gin, or a pint, a personalised glass is a great gift option. Filigree Heart offers a range of glasses that can be customised with your Mum’s name or initials.Personalised Gin Glass

Greeting Cards: Don’t forget your card as well as the gift. Show your Mum how much you care with a heartfelt greetings card from Filigree Heart. There is a variety of Mother’s Day cards to choose from, each with a unique design and some handmade exclusively by Filigree Heart.


There you have it – ten thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to make your Mum feel loved and appreciated. All of these items can be purchased from Filigree Heart, making it easy for you to find the perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas